Promoting cooperation between Viet Nam and Niigata Prefecture


On August 10, Ambassador Vu Hong Nam visited Niigata Prefecture to promote economic cooperation between the Prefecture and Vietnamese provinces. Niigata Prefecture has a population of over 2.2 million, a GDP of about $90 billion, and is famous for its agricultural products, including rice, sake, supporting industries, high-tech component manufacturing.


Mr. Hideyo Hanazumi, Governor of Niigata Prefecture greatly appreciates the role of the Embassy of the S.R. of Vietnam in Japan in connecting businesses of Niigata and Viet Nam. This is the third time Ambassador Vu Hong Nam visited Niigata Prefecture, with the desire to further promote cooperation between Vietnamese localities and Niigata's businesses, as well as to support the Vietnamese community living, working and studying in the province.

Governor Hideyo Hanazumi, Mayor of Joetsu City, Mr. Murayama Hideyuki introduced to Ambassador Vu Hong Nam the cultural sites of Joetsu city, such as Takada Park with the famous lotus pond, and paintings from the famous artist Kobayashi Kokei, the sculptures of sculptor Yuzo Iwano. Those are the pride of the people of Joetsu city. The city of Ojiya in Niigata Prefecture is famous for being the birthplace of Japanese carps with beautiful and exotic colors, which is highly appreciated in the world of Koi fishers.


Ambassador Vu Hong Nam visited Sanjo city and attended a meeting with representatives of businesses who are investing and doing business in Vietnam. Mr. Ryo Takizawa, Mayor of Sanjo city, emphasized that the city is very honored to be the main stakeholder in implementing the Business Support Project within the Trade Promotion framework through the introduction of Vietnamese products initiated by Tsubame - Sanyo and Tsubame - Sanyo brand in Vietnam. Tsubame – Sanjo region of Niigata Prefecture is a famous locality of Japan for metalworking techniques with a combination of modern and traditional techniques dating back to the Edo period, with a history of nearly 400 years.

Ambassador Vu Hong Nam very much appreciated the conservation and development of local cultural assets, the harmonious development model of the city, the connection between tradition and modernity, preservation and development. 

Regarding cooperation with Vietnam, over the years, Niigata province has actively implemented various activities to support the province's businesses to invest in Viet Nam, with initial successes. Vietnamese consumers highly value Japanese products with advanced steelmaking technology. Through the cooperation between businesses of the two countries, Vietnamese people will have many opportunities to access Japanese steel household products. Ambassador Nam suggested that Niigata Prefecture should continue paying attention to and supporting Japanese businesses in cooperation with Vietnamese partners, overcoming difficulties of the epidemics, and seeking comprehensive measures to promote business activities in Vietnam.


On this occasion, Ambassador Vu Hong Nam proposed Governor Hideyo Hanazumi and Niigata Prefecture to support and create favorable conditions for the Vietnamese community living, studying and working in the Prefecture. Ambassador Nam also suggested that the Vietnamese community in Niigata province always abide by the local laws, stand united, to get along well with local people, thus contributing to the development the Prefecture and areas where they live.

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