Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc met with Governor of Japan’s Mie prefecture Eikei Suzuki on November 14, saying he wants Mie to invest in the industries it has advantages in such as cargo machinery, electronics and chemical production in Vietnam.


Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) meets with Governor of Japan’s Mie prefecture Eikei Suzuki on November 14 

At the meeting in Hanoi, PM Phuc noted the strong and substantive development of the Vietnam-Japan extensive strategic partnership, adding the enhancement of locality-to-locality cooperation is critical to bilateral ties. 

 Many Japanese enterprises have prioritised Vietnam to invest in and reeled in success. The Northeast Asian nation now ranks second among foreign investors in Vietnam, but the two sides still need to promote investment partnership to turn Japan into the biggest investor, he said. 

 The Vietnamese Government and local authorities pledge to provide the best possible conditions for Japanese companies, he noted. 

 The host leader said his country looks forward to stronger collaboration with Mie in tourism as both own many famous landscapes and relic sites. He asked the two sides to continue cultural exchanges, aside from culture festivals held in each other’s nations. 

 He also hoped for more labour cooperation, noting that Vietnam has a young population with quality workers. 

 For his part, Eikei Suzuki said his 50-strong delegation include many city and business leaders in Mie who aim to seek cooperation opportunities in culture, economy, investment and environment. 

 Surveys show that most small- and medium-sized enterprises in the prefecture want to make overseas investments, and Vietnam is among their top choices, he noted. 

 Mie prefecture is home to leading technology businesses such as Honda, Toyota and Toshiba, the Governor said, expressing his hope for closer cooperation in this field. 

 The Mie delegation also worked with officials of some Vietnamese cities, including Hoi An, to boost tourism, investment and business partnerships. The two sides should bolster ties in aviation so as to facilitate the travel to each other, he said. 

 Eikei Suzuki also voiced the willingness to further cooperate with Vietnam in environmental protection and seaport development.

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