The Vietnamese Embassy in Japan kindly announces the current entry and exit regulations in Vietnam to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as follows: 

The Government is temporarily suspending entry into Viet Nam or requesting foreigners coming from  COVID-19 outbreak areas to fill in medical declaration forms and be kept in quarantine (the list includes 31 provinces and cities of China, Daegu City and Gyeongsangbuk Province of the Republic of Korea, Iran and Italy). This rule also applies to foreigners who traveled through COVID-19 outbreak areas as mentioned above within 14 days to the date of expected entry into Viet Nam, for the purposes of tourism, labor, business, studying, visiting relatives, etc. (with visa types of DL, LD, DN, DH, TT, VR).

In particular, people coming from or traveling through COVID-19-hit areas of the four countries, or having close contact with persons with fever, cough and shortness of breath must be put in concentrated quarantine facilities.

Meanwhile, those coming from or travelling through disease-free areas of these countries must be quarantined at home in accordance with the ministry’s guidance.

In addition, the Vietnamese government mulls plan to suspend visa-free travel for South Koreans and Italians, starting on Saturday, 29 February 2020 and 03 March 2020, respectively. The decision was announced at a meeting of the Steering Committee for the prevention of COVID-19 on the same day.

List of provinces in China affected by the disease (as of February 5, 2020):

              1. Anhui, China

              2. Beijing, China

              3. Gansu, China

              4. Jilin, China

              5. Zhejiang, China

              6. Jiangxi, China

              7. Jiangsu, China

              8. Hebei, China

              9. Henan, China

              10. Heilongjiang, China

              11. Hainan, China

              12. Hubei, China

              13. Hunan, China

              14. Liaoning, China

              15. Ningxia, China

              16. Inner Mongolia, China

              17. Fujian, China

              18. Guangdong, China

              19. Guangxi, China

              20. Guizhou, China

              21. Shandong, China

              22. Shanxi, China

              23. Xinjiang, China

              24. Tibet, China

              25. Qinghai, China

              26. Shaanxi, China

              27. Tianjin, China

              28. Shanghai, China

              29. Chongqing, China

              30. Sichuan, China

              31. Yunnan, China

For further information related to the prevention of COVID-19 and entry of international passengers to Viet Nam, please visit these following addresses:

1. The Consular Department:

2. The Ministry of Health:

3. Vietnam News Agency:

The Vietnamese Embassy in Japan is pleased to announce./.


(Source: Consular Affairs Portal)

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