The Embassy of the S.R. of Viet Nam to Japan kindly announces that the Embassy and the Consular Office shall be closed from 29 April 2020 to 06 May 2020, on the occasion of Viet Nam’s Reunification Day, International Workers' Day and Japan’s Golden Week. 

The Embassy and the Consular Office shall be opened on the following day as usual, on 7 May 2020.

Warmest regards. 

Quick contact

Address: Tokyo, 151-0062, Shibuya-ku, Motoyoyogi-cho, 50-11

Telephone Number: (813) 3466-3311; 3466-3313; 3466-3314.

Emergency line for Vietnamese citizens: +8180-9661-5656

- Fax: +8133466-3312

- Email: (General information) (Consular Affairs)

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