On February 2020, Ambassador Vu Hong Nam hosted a cordial dinner with Cuban Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira and Angolan Ambassador Rui Orlando F.C. Silva Xavier in Japan.

At the gathering, the two Ambassadors of Viet Nam and Cuba reiterated the immortal words of President Fidel Castro during his historic visit to Viet Nam “For Vietnam, we are willing to give even our own blood”, a symbol of the Viet Nam-Cuba solidarity. Over the past five decades since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 2 December 1960, Viet Nam and Cuba have always stood side by side in the struggle for national independence in the past and national construction and defense nowadays. Ambassador of Cuba also recalled the saying "When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree", noting that Cuba and Viet Nam would forever treasure the friendship and invaluable support extended to one another.

In that spirit, Ambassador of Angola applauded Viet Nam's reform achievements, considered Viet Nam as an example for developing countries. Ambassador of Angola also expressed the desire to work closely with the Vietnamese Embassy to promote the ties between the two countries. The two Ambassadors later affirmed that they would continue working effectively and acting as a bridge for the two respective countries to expand relations in various fields.

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